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TROAN Youth Project

Young people are our future. This is why we invest in them.

But We Need Help

We believe as young people, it's our duty to help other young people and the future generations. When it comes to helping pave the way for their career or future, we can only do so much. This is why we ask for help.


If everybody can contribute just a little bit towards the cause, then we will be able to achieve:


  • Our Troan Youth Centre Plan

  • More proactive activities and event's

  • More job opportunities

  • Further education

  • TROAN football academy

If you would like to know how you can help, please contact using the details below.

Telephone: 020 3566 5171

Email: info@troancharity.co.uk

What Aim Does TROAN Have For This Youth Project?

We believe what we are doing is fantastic. But we know it can be even better. We want to build a foundation where young people can become young entrepreneurs, be successful and work against the odds. By 2018 we want to have TROAN youth centres planted in London where the youth can socialise and participate in activities whilst staying off the streets. We feel very strongly about the future of young people so we generally aim to help and associate them with:

  • CV Building (Current)

  • Business Plans (Current)

  • Future Development (Current)

  • Apprenticeships (Current)



We hope by doing this we can create a better future.


So What Does TROAN currently do now?

TROAN currently works extensively with young people on several projects which is designed to help them realise their future, and what they are capable of. We believe that there aren't  enough access to the opportunities for young people to progress, or do positive things whilst they have the chance in life. Which can often results in them going down a negative path, and lead them into trouble. The services we currently provide for the youths will  benefit them as well as create better opportunities, below are a list of the services:


  • Provide them with work experience opportunities etc. Fundraising events


  • Weekly group meetings where we provide motivational speeches and discuss about the young people and their background.


  • Organise events where young people come to socialise and bond with each other



  • And of course many more….

At TROAN, we value young people like we value ourselves. They are the future generation after all…

Everything we do at TROAN is built in place for them as we believe TROAN is for everyone, and we want to make young people realise they have the potential to be something special in life. This is the reason why we created the youth project.

Young people are our future. This is why we invest in them.

Trevor Kirton – Team Leader - 19 Years