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The Forgotten (Homeless)

TROAN provides for those in our community, who are homeless and forgotten. The reason why we named it that is because homeless people is what we see in our everyday life. These people get neglected and forgotten by the society. For us it is essential that the homeless people in our community have the ability to access food, shelter and clothing. We see everyone in our environment as equal and believe that everyone should have access to vital resources for them the survive.


Who we serve

In this project we serve for the homeless people living in the community of East London. We work with young people, to train and mentor them in various activities including fundraising, job search skills, and other basic skills for life. This is so in the future they have the ability to find jobs, that can help them provide for themselves.

How we serve

We serve by organising various volunteering activities that are specialised for the service of users such as, food, blankets and sleeping bags distribution. Below is the core outline of our services:

  • Working with Homeless people

  • Mentoring and coaching young people

  • Rehabilitation scheme for ex-offenders and befriending programme for prisoners

  • Support troubled teens and adults (drugs and alcohol)

  • Developing skills to promote business and entrepreneurship in the communities

Who can serve?

We serve through our volunteering efforts, where we rally community members through our network of people from all ethnic backgrounds, gender and creed.  All of our volunteers are people aged 16 years old and above. 

Our Aim?

Homelessness is a big problem in the capital, and our research shows that the level of people that are homeless is gradually increasing. In 2015 statistics show that the level of people sleeping rough is 3,569 in England, which was a 30% increase from 2014.

We work directly with the homeless people and know their needs. These are:

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Sleeping bags

  • Food

  • Shower and a safe place to keep their personal belongings

With this project our long-term goal is to raise as much money as possible to set-up a Rehabilitation Centre, where our guest come and take shower, breakfast, hot meal and other activities to get them back on the feet.


Your donation will be very helpful in supporting our efforts and to give these people a chance.