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With the support of our beloved PALOP Singer and DJ Isaias Afonso, we managed to organise a fundraising event. This event is one of many gatherings moments that the Portuguese speaking community organises four to five times a year, hosted by Malambas Events. The event took place on Saturday 25th June 2016 in Bygrove Primary School, London, E16 6DN.

Tesco Barking

Peacocks Barking

Thank you Sheilla, Tesco (Barking store) Manager, for continuously supporting Troan with the charitable mission. 

We at TROAN Charity appreciate the support and love we get from Tesco. Without the support of the local stores our mission would not be possible.

Thank you Peacocks, for supporting our "Forgotten and Invisible" campaign. Just before Christmas 2015, Peacocks and its employees had put together a very considerable amount of clothes that were distributed as Christmas present to the most venerable (Homeless) of our community.


We at TROAN are committed to the development and evolution of the community. Working with many health developed and established organisations will help us to expand our vision and open doors to new opportunities all across the globe.

TROAN would like to offer a special thank you to Boots (Westfield Pharmacy), Talati (Dagenham East Pharmacy) and to Boots (Ilford Pharmacy). We would not have been where we are without their help! Therefore we thank them for their inspiring dedication towards our mission. We are happy with the kindness you extended towards our team. With the collaboration of our team, we are looking forward to another successful mission.

First Aid Donations

Fundraising Event