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TROAN is registered as a non-profit organisation set up to service the communities of East London, especially within the boroughs surrounding Newham.

We consider ourselves as a peaceful movement with a mission of raising money, whilst working with different people that are willing to make a change.  As proud citizens of the community, we see looking after one another as our obligation.

Our aim is to make a difference in the world we live in and also be part of something special in society. This is why we serve, support, advice and contribute in every way that we can.



Statistics and evidence shows that a large number of people in the communities that we serve are either unemployed or don’t have skills and education required for the job market. Our company takes in these people and uses them in order to help out the environment and also themselves, by developing their skills.

This charity also works with the young people in order to make use of their time and also develop their skills by fundraising, whilst helping the nation at the same time. Therefore this not only benefits us but also themselves.

TROAN puts in place many different projects and organises events in order to help raise the money that is needed to provide for both the homeless people living in London, and also those in Angola suffering from yellow fever.

Troan Boarder of Directors: Director of administration (Karen da Costa), First Secretary (Marcia Santana) Director of Finance Joaquim Tumba and (CEO) Heminguey van Dunem. 

The 2016 Award Winners